The Beautiful Blend - Berber Rug


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Description & Facts 

Measurements:  Approximately 8'3 x 5'4 
Rug Style: Large Size / Thick Pile  - Handmade / one-of-a-kind 
Material: 100% Wool 
Region: Boujad 

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Given the success of Beni Ourain rugs pattern and colors, many other berber tribes and towns started tweaking their rugs styles and colors to match a wide variety of different living spaces just like Beni Ourain style. the moment I saw this one I visualized its potential to nicely add charm to American homes while nicely blend in.  


This piece of art is handmade by a woman in Boujad region where weavers use more vibrant colors abstract art and asymmetric symbols than geometric patterns. These symbols signify Berber women's lifestyles and what's important to them, they could mean protection, seeds, strength, long-life and fertility. 
I think this rug will make a great addition to any living space, it can even be hang on the wall. 

Note: Handmade rugs might have some uneven sides or odd shapes. These are perfectly imperfect pieces and that’s what differentiates them from factory mass produced rugs.
We have taken multiple photos to highlight most of the imperfections for your reference. These rugs will last for years to come with proper care.

Cleaning -  We recommend once per week low suction vacuum sideways, if you spill something on it, spot clean immediately with a wet towel. In some cases professional cleaning is recommended. 

Pure wool rugs love sunshine, if you can expose them to the sun, they will appreciate it. 




Refunds & Returns - Due to our small business structure and from where we source our pieces, we will be happy to accept returns for store credit or exchanges within 10 days of purchase instead of refunds. Please see our return policy for details.