Amazigh Cloud - Wool Rug


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Measurements:  Approximately 6.7ft x 10.8ft
Rug Style: Large size - Plush and soft 
Region: Small Atlas 

Currently displayed at Roam & Dwell showroom Charlotte, NC 

  • Made from 100% Premium quality live-sheep wool that was hand-washed, brushed, spun into yarn, color-dyed, and finally woven knot by knot...  ALL with LOVE!
  • Duration to complete: 4-5 months 
  • Age: New - Exclusively made for Marrakech Connection 

Everyone loves neutrals! This piece is unique in a way that we custom designed it exclusively for Marrakech Connection customers  


I was super excited to get my family in Morocco to agree to start making custom handmade rugs for my small business here in Charlotte, NC. This rug is made in a small village in the  Atlas region that most Moroccans have never visited. This village is known  for its high quality sheep wool, hence great rugs and highly skilled feisty berber women in rug making craftsmanship.  

We want to thank you in advance for considering purchasing one of these art pieces and doing your part to keep the handmade rug tradition alive. 

As a Moroccan-American, small business owner with family roots that are  from this region, I am committed to giving back to these villages and keeping these traditions alive.


Cleaning -  With proper care, this rug will last for many years. We recommend to vacuum sideways once per week. If there is a spill, spot-clean immediately with a wet towel. In some instances, professional cleaning is recommended. Pure wool rugs love sunshine. If you can expose them to the sun, they will appreciate it. 




Refunds & Returns - Due to our small business structure and from where we source