Runner Beni Ourain


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Measurements:  12ft x 3 ft
Rug Style: Runner - Thick pile - Soft and plush on your feet
Region: Beni Ourain 

  • Made from 100% live-sheep wool that was hand-washed, brushed, spun into yarn, color-dyed, and finally woven knot by knot...  ALL with LOVE!
  • Duration it took to complete: several weeks
  • Age: new
  • Note: Handmade rugs may have some uneven fringes or features. These are perfectly-imperfect pieces, and this a key differentiator from factory-produced rugs. We have taken multiple photos to highlight most of the variations for your reference. These rugs will last for years to come with proper care.  


I was joyful and surprised when I started spotting Beni Ourain rugs in interior design magazines and on the shelves on high-end home decor and furniture stores. Walking on Madison Avenue in NYC or in the Design District in Miami, you will quickly spot a Beni Ourain rug or pattern inspired by this region. Unfortunately, with so much buzz about them, a lot of inauthentic variations that are made in China or India have surfaced on the market. 

With my selection of Beni Ourain rug patterns, I chose to honor the Berbers of Beni Ourain village by ensuring that each rug is authentic and directly benefits the craftswomen. I hand-pick every single rug directly from the craftswomen or from my uncle's 60-year-old rug store in the small town of Khenifra in the Mid-Atlas region, where women weavers gather every Saturday to showcase their rugs. My trips to the Khenifra rug market bring back so many childhood memories of playing with all the local kids and turning the stacks of rugs into make-shift jungle gyms.  

Cleaning - We recommend to vacuum sideways once per week. If there is a spill, spot-clean immediately with a wet towel. In some instances, professional cleaning is recommended. Pure wool rugs love sunshine. If you can expose them to the sun, they will appreciate it. 




Refunds & Returns - Due to our small business structure and from where we source our pieces, we will be happy to accept returns for store credit or exchanges within 10 days of purchase instead of refunds. Please see our return policy for details.