Intricate High Atlas Berber Rug/Henbel


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This exquisite Intricate High Atlas Berber Rug/Henbel is a one-of-a-kind handmade treasure, crafted with loving care by artisans in a remote Berber village in the ethereal High Atlas Mountains. Woven from the purest sheep wool and dyed with natural shades, this rug is the perfect complement to any living or dining room, adding an air of privileged sophistication with its thin, delicate pile.

Measurements:  Approximately 7ft x 10ft.5" feet
Rug Style: Large size - Hybrid low pile with dispersed motifs  - amazing texture! 
Region: Big Atlas Valey 

  • Made from 100% live-sheep wool that was hand-washed, brushed, spun into yarn, color-dyed, and finally woven knot by knot...  ALL with LOVE!
  • Duration to complete: 7 months 
  • Age: Vintage 25+ years  
  • Note: Handmade rugs may have some uneven fringes and possibly some wear that is consistent with age if they are vintage. These are perfectly-imperfect pieces and this a key differentiator from factory-produced rugs. We have taken multiple photos to highlight most of the imperfections for your reference. These rugs will last for years to come with proper care.