Hybrid Kilim and Plush Small - Area Rug


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Measurements:  Approximately 5'7 x 3'8 

Rug Style: Small size / Hybrid Flatweave & Medium Pile
Region: Taznakht

  • Made from 100% live wool that was hand washed, brushed, spun into yarn, color dyed and finaly weaved knot by knot. ALL with LOVE!
  • Duration it took to complete:  approximately 3 weeks 
  • Age: 5 years 
  • Only one is stock - one of a kind 

Note: Handmade rugs might have some uneven sides or odd shapes. These are perfectly imperfect pieces and that’s what differentiates them from factory mass produced rugs.
We have taken multiple photos to highlight most of the imperfections for your reference. These rugs will last for years to come with proper care.  


This piece of art/rug was weaved by a woman in Taznakht region in the south east of the Atlas Mountains.  

Thanks to the recent Moroccan government subsidiary initiatives and the assistance in co-ops creation in the region of Taznakht, there are now more than 22000 women artisans who are weaving rugs in the south east of the Atlas Mountains. Most of these women have inherited the craftswomen-ship through generations and passed it on to their kids and grandkids.
We want to thank you as well in advance for considering owning one of these pieces of arts and doing your part of keeping this tradition a live now, and for generations to come.

As a Moroccan American small business owner with family roots that descend not too far from this region, I am committed to giving back directly and indirectly to these villages and keeping these old traditions alive.

Cleaning - We recommend once per week low suction vacuum sideways, if you spill something on it, spot clean immediately with a wet towel. In some cases professional cleaning is recommended. Pure wool rugs love sunshine, if you can expose them to the sun, they would appreciate it.