Intricate Berber Rug / Henbel


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Measurements:  Approximately 6'7" x 10 feet
Rug Style: Large size - Hybrid low pile with dispersed motifs  
Region: Big Atlas Valey 

  • Made from 100% live-sheep wool that was hand-washed, brushed, spun into yarn, color-dyed, and finally woven knot by knot...  ALL with LOVE!
  • Duration to complete: 7 months 
  • Age: Not vintage 

This one-of-a-kind art piece gives a nice texture and dimensions because of the number of motifs that are woven in it. They are berber symbols that represent women weavers lives. 

The combination of colors in this rug makes it versatile and go with most home designs

  • Note: Handmade rugs may have some uneven fringes and possibly some wear that is consistent with age if they are vintage. These are perfectly-imperfect pieces and this a key differentiator from factory-produced rugs. We have taken multiple photos to highlight most of the imperfections for your reference. These rugs will last for years to come with proper care.