Indoor Styles

The below patterns are a subset of the many possibilities our master craftsman can build for you to meet your needs. In addition, we can work with you to combine different colors, patterns, and designs free of charge. Additional sizes, colors, patterns, and finishes (glazed and unglazed) are available. 

We are a family-owned business and work directly with our master craftsman in Fes, Morocco. WE DO NOT work with a middle man or a distributor. This allows us to have competitive prices as well as directly make an impact within the artisans community to keep this art alive.  

All Zellige tile orders are made-to-order and require an average of 4-6 weeks to complete, plus shipping time. 
Solid 4 by 4 Zellige tile 
Product Number: ZEL-S101
Size: 4' x 4' inches - actual size 3'.94  I   Thickness: 5/8"
Product Information: Can be ordered in loose squares or pre-assembled in 4-block squares or more. 
Product Number: ZEL-I71
Zellige tile Indoor pattern
Product Number: ZEL-I72
Zellige Tile Indoor type
Product Number: ZEL-I73
Product Number: ZEL-I74 
Product Number: ZEL-I75
Product Number: ZEL-76
Product Number: ZEL-I77
Product Number: ZEL-I78
Product Number: ZEL-I79
Product Number: ZEL-I80
Product Number: ZEL-I81
Product Number: ZEL-I82 
Product Number: ZEL-I83
Product Number: ZEL-I84 
Product Number: ZEL-I85
Product Number: ZEL-I86
Product Number: ZEL-I87
Product Number: ZEL-I88
Hand Painted 4 by 4 Tiles
Product Number: ZEL-HP01
Product Information: Hand painted, come individualy - Size 4 x 4  
Hand painted small Zellige 2 x 2
Product Number: ZEL-HP02 
Product Information: Hand painted, come individually - size 2 x 2 
High end in-grown drawings by hand
Product Number: 
Product information: Handmade in-grown drawings, come individually. Size 4 x 4 
Refunds and Returns: 
All sales are final; however, we give our customers 24-hours after order confirmation and payment to cancel for a full refund. Wholesale orders are available.